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A Community for Cardcaptor Sakura Fanfiction. Post works-in-progress, recommend favorite stories (or your own), or anything else related to CCS fanfic.

And now introducing the new "52 Pick-Up" Challenge. This is an ongoing writing challenge based on the 52 Clow/Sakura cards.

There is both good and bad to be found in the CCS fandom, and feel free to discuss either aspect. Praise brilliant fics or rant about bad ones. Just please remember that opinions will differ, and respect those who don't agree with you.

When you join the community, please scan the first page of entries. This will give you an idea of how the community works. If you have any questions, please feel free to post or contact mellowcandle.

Advertisements for other communities are only allowed if: 1) You are an active member of this community, and 2) The community being advertised is Cardcaptor Sakura related.

When posting a completed fic, work-in-progress, or other entry of substantial length, please observe the following rules:

1)Post your fic as a new entry (ie, do not post fics in the comments section of another entry)
2)Provide a link or use LJ-cut tags
3)Use proper spelling/grammar/punctuation (Proofread and Spellcheck!)
4)Keep the rating between G and PG-13. This is an open community with no age restrictions, so please keep that in mind. (Because no one seems to get what this means, it means no explicit sexual/violent content.)
5)Use the tags function to label your entry with the characters or pairings featured in your fic. See this post for tagging guidelines.

If you'd like to plug your fic or someone else's, please provide the following information:

1) Title
2) Author
3) Link
4) Characters/Pairings
5) Genre
6) Brief summary

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